September 1, 2011

Rosemary rösti crust…A healthy & tasty alternative to a pastry based quiche


I’ve taken this month off, the truth is that I still feel “off”, someone close to us has passed away and it has shattered our world. I cannot remember having truly dealt with this sort of grief before…memories, many of which I was anaware of have striked me, to make me reconsider attitudes, priorities, to live in order to not regret. I don’t want time to slowly wash away these feelings, to wipe those ideas as our everyday race engulfs us in its maelstrom. But, I’m also literally out of breath, I have difficulty breathing from this whirlpool of emotions. Nothing time won’t heal, but I need time, so I’m taking it slowly…

Anyway, I meant to publish this quiche a few weeks back which is when I first tried it and fell in love with the possibility of substituting the usual “pâté brisée” used as a pastry base for most quiches and tarts with this flavourful, cheaper, healthier and quicker alternative!!I was browsing through food photographs by Con Poulos when I came across one of quiche that caught my attention for the rustic look of the crust that linked to this recipe site. I read about the shredded potato crust and though I love röstis it hadn’t occurred to me to use it as a quiche base!

I decided to give it a try with the belief that although tasty, the cream base would pour through the base (which honestly wouldn’t matter much as you can even make quiches without a crust -call them flans or puddings- but in this case it would get soggy rather than the nice crunchy contrast). I sticked with the recipe main filling ingredients, that is mushrooms and spinach, because I had liked the looks, but of course you can change them to whatever is in season or you like, like cherry tomatoes, bacon & onion, roasted rep peppers and goat cheese, the possibilities are endless and up to you. I just changed the cream base to one more to my liking (the original recipe was low-fat…I’m not so concerned in making it such) and made the rösti base my way, skipping the chopped onion part to make it quicker, not adding any cornflour but using floury potatoes instead for a crisper but lighter result and adding some garlic and fresh romesary to flavour the potatoes…that went beautifully with the mushroom filling, I find.

So, here it is, I hope you give the crust a try, because it is an excellent approach to making quiches, add to it any flavourings available to you according to the time you want to spend to make it. For a quick rösti crust, just spice it with something that goes well with your filling, fresh herbs (I’d love to try sage, for instance with a ricotta and spinach tart…like traditional raviolis!)or dried ones, some pastes (like red pepper paste), slowly fried onion and bacon…Pick one, you won’t regret it!

Spinach & mushroom quiche with rosemary & garlic rösti crust

For the crust:

aprox 450g  peeled floury potatoes

1-2 tbsp of olive oil

3-4 whole garlic cloves

some fresh rosemary, finely sliced

salt and fresly ground pepper, to taste

For the filling:

150g of cream (or up to 200g if it fits your mould)

2 eggs

more salt & pepper to taste

50g or more of a cheese that melts ( I used Arzúa Ulloa, which I’m addicted to)

200g of mushrooms (I used portobello, but if you have a tastier variety, even better!)

250g of fresh (baby) spinach

some more sprigs of rosemary


Begin by grating the peeled potatoes with a coarse grind


Season them to taste with the salt & freshly ground pepper and the finely  chopped up rosemary (if you choose to use it)


Preheat lightly a 26-28cm skillet (if you haven’t got one, in any case I’d go bigger, to make sure you get at least 2-3cm sides on a 22cm quiche mould.

Add the bit of olive oil and add the seasoned grated potatoes together with the garlic cloves lightly smashed to release their aroma & flavour.

Give it a few turns to flavour the potato and soften (cook) it lightly and spread it evenly over the base and remember to remove the garlic cloves :)

rosti quiche 1

It is IMPERATIVE, that your pan is non-stick, or at least very helpful, as the cooked potato pancake will slide off easily, otherwise you may go through hell!!So, if it isn’t I suggest you cure it with some salt so the potato doesn’t stick

Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, until you get a light golden colour on the bottom and invert over the greased (with olive oil) quiche pan. I lined it with some parchment (just in case) but it would have come out without a problem).


Bake for about 15 minutes on a 180ºC (fan-assisted)  preheated oven to get again a golden colour (lighter to how you like it). Take into account, that it will need about 15 minutes more with the filling to cook, so if left to the colour you like blind baked, it will get too dark later.

Meanwhile prepare your filling ingredients, in this case, sauté the spinach in batches in a drizzle of oil, remove excess water by pressing against a strainer and season as instructed here.

Sautée the chopped mushrooms, with some more garlic cloves and rosemary if you like over high heat with little olive oil. Again, just remember to remove them once finished.


And mix the eggs and the cream and set aside to season just before filling.

When the crust is ready, assemble it, adding some of the greated cheese in the bottom to impermeabilise the crust a bit and distributing the rest of the ingredients to finally pour in the seasoned quiche cream mix almost up to the rim.

IMG_0485 IMG_0491


Bake until set, which will probably take 15 more minutes. If you like a paler look to the top, simply lower the temperature to 150ºC and just cook longer until set.

Ready to enjoy! Let cool or serve inmediately!



Miriam said...

Vaya, cuánto lo siento... te envío muchos ánimos. Estas cosas sí que cambian las prioridades, es ciertísimo.
Por cierto, me encanta esta idea de la base con patata, la pruebo segurísimo.
Un besazo

Anonymous said...

Bem-vinda de novo! Las penas con pan... y en este caso está genial la idea de sustituir el trigo por la patata! Vamos a probarlo ya y te digo el resultado. Animo para tí y Linguini!

Colette said...

Muchas gracias Miriam, lo del cambio de prioridades es la consecuencia buena, creo yo. Poco a poco...

Lo de la base de rösti para mi ha sido un grato descubrimiento! Como no se nos ocurren a veces cosas tan sencillas y ricas y nos complicamos la vida con otras!??:) Ya me dirás si lo pruebas, a mi me ha gustado mucho!

Gracias wapo! ya verás que buena, bonita y barata la sustitución...además de más rápida!!

Sissi said...

I have discovered your blog looking for the corn fritters recipe inspired by Still Walking (I also am a huge fan of this moving, beautiful film) and not only have I found what I was looking for, but, when I jumped to home page I saw the word "rösti", one of the rare typical recipes of the country I actually live in :-) Funny isn't it?
This quiche crust recipe is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen and I will certainly make it (when it gets a bit colder and the hearty dishes are obvious).
I am so happy to have found your fascinating, versatile blog and will soon be back. Even though I don't know you, I allow myself to wish you all the best and hope time will heal everything and bring you serenity.

Colette said...

Wow, Sissi, thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate your best wishes...I was so moved to read it! Also, I am glad you liked the corn tempura and the rösti crust! If you are living in switzerland, I'm sure then that you've tried a good rösti, so let me know how this one turns out and if it's up to those standards! I really like them, on their own, with some sour cream and salmon...and now as a quiche crust! Much more versatile than it ever ocurred to me! Well, I'll follow you through your blog and again, thank you for your words!

alicia said...

He probado a hacer esta receta el finde y gustó mucho... aunque creo que la base me quedó muy blanda, y supongo que he de quedar un poco crujiente, no? pero bueno, un éxito :)

Venirius said...

Qué buena pinta tiene! Cuando me compre un horno, la intento seguro :)
He encontrado una errata "fresh romesary", no he podido evitar avisarte!

Colette said...

hombre Venirus!!:) Y para cuando ese horno? De todos modos sé que te apañas más que bien sin él!Gracias por la nota, en cuanto pueda lo corrijo (primero tengo que encontrarlo!) Un saludo!

Aliciaaaa!!!Qué ilu verte (leerte) por aquí (espero no equivocarme de persona!;) ). Vaya, es una pena que la base no quedara crujiente. Quedó dorada? lo digo por ajustar tiempos porque cada horno es un puedo ayudarte a resolverlo, me dices. De todos modos me alegro de que te gustara! Un Beso!

andermund said...

Qué rico!

Y un beso enorme! Y si necesitas algo, aquí estamos.

Colette said...

Gracias wapa! Un besazo para tí!!

Sonia - L'Exquisit said...

Colette, hoy hemos comido esto y estaba delicioso! Gracias por la receta!!

Colette said...

Cuánto me alegro!gracias por pasarte xa decírmelo!pocas veces sé si prueban las recetas y si salen bien.un saludo!

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